Interview about the Potato Genocide!

by Aostii with Vooperian News Network

Hello, and welcome to the Vooperia News Network. Today, there was an interview with Senator Phantomfighter of Queensland.

Queensland is an interesting district. With its' natural wonders and Mediterranean Climate, Queensland has had some troubling current events. Today, Journalist Snovaltikos of the VNN has interviewed the Senator on the current situation.

Hello, this is the Vooperia News Network

hi I'm Phantomfighter, the current senator of Queensland

welcome to the VNN. I guess this is the interview.
What is your opinion on the Potato Genocide, and the Yam Supremacists movement led by Former Senator Xboy? What policies and/or actions have you done personally to help the Potatoes in Queensland? Have there been any attacks on government buildings?

I think its horrible that one can think it's justified to do such harm to a group of people or ethnicity. I myself haven't been able to do a lot against these hideous acts as I'm the current newest member of the senate to date, but I spoke to a few representatives in my district about this ordeal, and we all came to the conclusion that we have to contain this growing problem to our best ability. So far, no government building has been the target of an attack for the past few days, but we're constantly on the look-out for any further developments.

Thank you.
What districts (if you have a map of Queensland) has been most affected by this problem? Are there any Potato-Minority districts that have been completely wiped out? How has the Potato Genocide led to the decline of industry and tourism, and is there any policy to reverse the trend? Has the VSS/Central Senate of Vooperia offered to step in to help?

I have a, perhaps already outdated, map of the current situation in Queensland
I'm getting it now []
the red parts of this map show the areas in which the yam supremacists are currently active
note, this map was created halfway december so the situation could already be better than shown here
the southern peninsula has been the breedingnest of the YSP
so most potatoes there have fled by now. Naturally, the industry has collapsed there, and we've put these area's on code red/orange for foreign travel
the VSS has send troops to combat the YSP members

Thank you.
Is it possible to list a map and list of cities that have been affected? How is the Netherlands and the Corgi Districts both doing with the YSP Terrorism? Are there any Yam Supremacists/YSP Members in Old Yam and New Yam? Is there anything being done/planned to stop the Radicalization of Young Yams?

if you overlay this map with the YSP map
you get to see where shit hits the fan
as far as I know other districts don't have this problem (yet).
same goes with other districts
we plan on reforming the education to lean more values and cultural significance of other ethnicities
however, the results if that reform can only be seen after a generation of graduates

Thank you. Would you like to say anything to Vooperia?

Lately, I've seen a trend rise up. This trend being polarisation. I don't mean this persé as left vs right, or conservative vs progressive. I am seeing this more on the individualist level. Members of opposing political parties who, for example, nayvote a policy, just because it's from an opposing party. Knock it off. We're all trying to better Vooperia. Yet, it seems that some misunderstand that for opposition to exist without chaos, there needs to be coalition first. This ideological grudge must be stopped, and the polarisation that comes with it must be halted. Therefore I conclude my statement with this. "A good politician feels inside his gut to know what is good and bad, not his wallet."
thank you for this oppertunity

Snov: Thank you for participating on the Vooperia News Network

This concludes the interview. From seeing the transcript, it seems that Senator Phantom has already started to stop Yam Supremacy and to curb the Potato Genocide. Thank you for watching the Vooperia News Network.