Recent Updates to Website, Senate Acts, and Nerdcraft Continues

by jam with Jam News Network

Recent updates to the stock system and VoopAI related finance system has caused a flurry in the financial world recently. Converting over to a "more realistic" stock system, will be better for the community, Spike proclaims. In Senate news, the Senate has had a recent flurry of bills this past week marking the most active senate session in quite a while. These new bills mainly focus on oversight of the government and the continued regulation of "honking". After voting concluded these were the results:

CCNA - 6 Aye, 4 Nay, Passes BFRA - 11 Nay, 0 Aye, Fails NEA - 9 aye, 2 Nay, Passes GSAR - 11 Aye, 0 Nay, Passes MPOA - 10 Aye, 0 Nay, Passes

Finally, Nerdcraft has seen some movement as official community strawpolls and a "state of pre-release" are made by Spike.

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