Tied for Longest Serving, Senator Pope's Thoughts on Various Topics.

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Hello, and welcome to Senatorial Transparency, a series where we talk to Vooperia’s most powerful people, the senators, today we talk to Senator Pope of San Vooperisco, tied for longest serving senator, member of the NVP, and founder of Space Catholicism. 

We first discussed the recent proposal of the Secret Ballot Act, which as stated in the proposal, “The secret ballot act will allow people to keep it a secret who they vote for.” Pope says he is, quote. “Undecided.” 

“Personally, I think that it’s very important that public defendants, and public servants... have all of the records be public.” He continues to argue that secrets in the government cause quote, “Very very bad corruption.” Especially within democracies. However, he says that he has, “Not read the entire bill yet, so I cannot decisively tell you whether or not I support it.”

We then discussed his time in San Vooperisco, and how he is currently tied for the longest serving senator in San Vooperisco. “I am currently very proud of that, cause I’ve been able to represent the people of San Vooperisco very well in the senate, and they have a voice that is strongly heard… And I think it’s important that we remember that people who are dedicated to their districts should be celebrated. For example Luka, who has been doing an amazing job in Vooperia City…” We also asked about the community of San Vooperisco, which he holds in very high regards. “Well San Vooperisco is probably in my opinion, the most modernistic as well highly developed… District that is in Vooperia.” He talks about his official geographic map of San Vooperisco, which will have all of the rivers, and will be a very detailed map of San Vooperisco. He also spoke about the Spanish culture of San Vooperisco, and that is something that sets San Vooperisco apart from other districts “We have many cities named in the Spanish language, such as Sierra Nevada in the north, and San Bosivo Valley in the south. After this, we talked about the island districts, and how many are struggling to find an identity, “I think that the island districts have to find what makes them unique. For example, you go to Los Vooperis, no offence to BMK, and you walk around… and you take a look at the area, and this place doesn’t seem very cultural. It seems like a place without an identity.” He continues to talk about this, stating that if the community doesn’t have a history behind it, then the district may become a mosh pit of everything, without its own identity.

We then talked about the culture in Medievala, and how they have made a culture that is perhaps even more prominent than San Vooperisco. “Well, Medievala, especially in Spookvooper, is like you said, very well known for their Melonist culture, and it is especially unique to that district…. And when you travel there you get to meet so many people. For example, Viacos, he is the pope of one of the best Vooperian churches there is, now as the founder and pope of space catholicism, I find it very important to reach out to other religions, and become a more culturally diverse person. And Viacos is definitely that kind of person.” He goes on to say that Medievala is an amazing district, and that it’s quite different from the rest of Vooperia. “The district is not run like most districts, the district has its own policies in terms of the counties inside of it they can fight with each other they can war with each other, it’s very unique.” I also asked him about the separation of Church and state in Medievala and his opinion on the blurred lines in that field. “I think that the distinction between church and state is one of the most… Religions can prosper, religions can invite people, religions can do everything, but as long as they don’t get involved in politics.” he says that religions entering politics can cause a quote, “A whole lotta ruckus.” He says that Medievala has a crisis on their hands, that very influential figures in the Melonist Church are a great influence in the district, and that they should be implementing some separation of church and state, because quote, “Once they get in between, it’s hard to get rid of.” He argues that while the opinions of the church should influence him, they can’t control him. “It’s important that we have a difference from church and state, the state is for making laws, and keeping the peace. Rather than giving the option of making laws that benefit the religion, because yes the church does help the people but it shouldn’t influence our government.

After this we discussed plans that Pope had for San Vooperisco, such as abolishing homelessness, improving quality of life. We also spoke about the creation of the Democratic Socialist party, and said that it’s led by great people. Sadly our time came to a close, Pope had this to say as a final statement. “I love you all, you’re very good people and I always enjoy being a part of this great community. And I hope I continue to help and benefit our government and our people.”

It was a pleasure to interview Pope, and I look forward to talking to other senators in our series, Senatorial Transparency, and if you’d like to support the Folk Times, please consider buying an advertisement for the low low cost of 500 per article, thanks for reading, see you soon.

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