First Election Cycle kicks off!

by SillyPossibility with Silly News

The first election cycle has started, with the Netherlands being the first district chosen. Running was Danish and Ducc_God. Tephander was expected to be a candidate, but decided not to run to the the surprise of many. Ducc_God had a lead early on, getting a majority of the district by the end of last night and being declared by the NYIPS to be Senator Elect at 11:50 EST last night. At 5:49 PM EST today, the emperor officially declared Danish to be the Senator for the Netherlands.

Tomorrow is an election to look out for, with Sh00b having been in the race since the beginning. However, less than 2 hours ago, a new contestant declared her candidacy, the empress herself, Lady Spike. Can she pull off a victory with less than 24 hours to campaign, or will Sh00b, the presumed frontrunner before today, triumph? Only time will tell!

None the less, this is sure to be a very exciting election cycle, with extremely competitive races coming up in Voopmont, Medievala, New Yam, and more.