The creation of Voopmont University

by PopeFrancis with SVNews Plus News

By: SVNP writer Puffin

On Wednesday, July 15th, students were able to enroll in Voopmont University's abundance of courses. The University has courses such as History, Literature, and Economics that are sure to broaden your horizon on these vast topics. These are only some of the programs this university offers. The most popular programs, Coding and Political Science, are sure to gain a swarm of students over the next few weeks. It is expected that Voopmont University is going to succeed with its devoted staff and organized schedule. In addition to this growth of VU, Emperor Spike has proposed a bill to provide an actual campus for the University in Nerdcraft! This will only add to the nerdcraft experience and will revolutionize education in Vooperia. A new chapter in Vooperias history is happening, and we are all part of it.

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