Hurricane Mushroom Devastation Report

by Aostii with Vooperian Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE VOAA Description: Hurricane Mushroom Devastation Report Summary: Yesterday, Hurricane Mushroom's remnants dissipated over New Spudland District. The official information has been finally collected, and processed into an Official, Standardized format. LOCATION: WESTERN VOOPERIA FINAL INTENSITY: Category 3 TOTAL RAINFALL: 35 Inches STORM SURGE: 19 Inches WINDSPEED: 158 Miles/Hour PRESSURE: 982 Millibars HAIL SIZE: 0.88-1.00 Nickel ALTITUDE: Min <1250 Feet CASUALTIES: 5 EST. DAMAGE: ~1,000,000 Credits DISTRICTS AFFECTED: OLD KING PENNINSULA, NETHERLANDS, LANDING COVE, NEW SPUDLAND, VOOPMONT ALERTS ISSUED IN: DISTRICT OF [OKP]: STORM SURGE WARNING, SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING, TROPICAL STORM WARNING, DISTRICT OF [LC]: TROPICAL STORM WATCH, STORM SURGE WARNING, HURRICANE WARNING, FLASH FLOOD WARNING, Assessment: While Hurricane Mushroom caused much damage, preparedness and vigilance saved many lives, and recovery is swift and fast. -Chairman Ladreii d'nivrii Istovaltii END REPORT