Sunday Edition: A Possible Future of Voopmont.

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Hello and welcome to the Sunday Edition, Today we have a very special guest today, with senatorial candidate, TaztheMan.

We start off by talking about his predecessor, senator Wyatt. Taz claimed that Wyatt didn’t do anything in his job, “I never really knew much about Senator Wyatt. As a person, he was good when talking to me. He was active in the server and the community. But, as a Senator, it doesn't appear he did much. From what I can see in the Voopmont server, he didn't make any bills. It appears most of his work wasn't even his. The Governor who holds the role that Wyatt created seems to do most of the work. Governor Comrade Chris of Voopmont appears to always be trying his best in his position, and if elected as Voopmont Senator, I plan on keeping him in that role. He writes bills, leads the council, and is active.” That statement about the previous senator not writing any bills was incorrect, Wyatt wrote many bills, including the Competitive Market Act, the A-RSA, and the Wealth Distribution Act. When confronted, Taz said that he misworded it, and that, “ I missed something or didn't see something, I haven't really seen much from him in Voopmont. He was VERY active in the server during his term, but I don't see any policies written by him.” His argument shifted from doing nothing, to doing nothing for Voopmont. He gives evidence of this by saying that all district policies were made not by Wyatt, but by his predecessor, Coolio, or by the governor ComradeChris.

We then moved onto the topic of what he would do for Voopmont, he said this, “The district of Voopmont was left in a dark era after the resignation of Coolio and the impeachment of Wyatt. I hope to lead the District into a new period of light.” He talks about increasing education funding, as well as reforming the Voopmont District Council, he also spoke about creating a petition policy, so that the people could be heard. His final statement about this topic was, “For Vooperia, my platform focuses on making SpookVooper a healthier living environment.”

I then asked if he thought that Voopmont supported Wyatt, Taz responded that, “Oh yes.”

We then touched on his opposition, asking him why shouldn’t we vote for his competitors, his argument was that his opponent, Asdia, seemed careless about the position, he shared Asdia’s announcement for office for me, “I am running for vpt senate, probably wont do much, may send some bills about moolah and ministries to the senate. Will definitely make some qol bills for vpt to make it more livable irp. That’s it yeah, will probably make vpt into a social democracy of sortsv.” Taz says that, “He quite literally states he won't do much.” After this, I asked for a final statement, he had this to say, “Vote. Even if it's not for me. Vooperian citizens have a constitutional right to vote, and they SHOULD. Vote for who you think is the best fit for the office of wherever they are running for. Don't vote for someone just because you are told to or because they are a certain party. If you think someone is a good choice, vote for them.”

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