Senate Elections Back on Track, Altdentifier Removed

by PopeFrancis with SVNews Plus News

With the recent closure of Prime Minister elections, Senate elections were put on hold. Nobody knew what exactly was going to happen to them, as they went unmentioned by Vooperia’s higher-ups. However, Mr. SillyPossibility and Emperor Spike Viper have announced an election schedule. On June 15th Mr. SillyPossibility, the creator of the PM election polls, posted a candidate list. This was quickly followed by the Emperor himself announcing the election order.

For those who didn’t see the announcement, we will recap for you. There will be an election for one of the 15 districts every week, and then the next election for each district will be after a month. The order is as follows:
-Vooperia City
-Old King Peninsula
-Old Yam
-New Spudland
-San Vooperisco
-Los Vooperis
-Landing Cove
-New Yam
-Isles of Servers Past

-New Vooperis

Some citizens speculate on how these elections will work. By the time Old Yam or New Spudland senators are being elected, the first Netherlands senator will already be on their second term. We have an interview with Spike on the matter, it will be up for public view soon.

In other news, the Altdentifier bot has been removed! Who knows what this could mean for the server. Will He-who-shall-not-be-named go on the biggest raiding rampage yet? Or will it be an era of prosperity and new members? Only time will tell.

This has been SVNP, bringing you the latest and the greatest news.

Written by Allegate, SVNP Writing Manager