VNB Makes Major Moves

by PopeFrancis with SVNews Plus News

Recently, Shocking many Economic Analysts, VNB has made several major business moves that have rocked the markets and surprised investors. Recently, VNB has not only made an acquisition of the company X for ¢220,000 - but they seem to also have made an agreement with Danish, the richest person in SpookVooper.

Danish, estimated to be worth over ¢2,000,000 (About 4% of the entire economy) has signed a deal to be handed the CEO position of Vooperia Real Estate. VRE is VNB’s housing and land development company designed for high quality and affordable housing. With Danish in charge and their considerable wealth, VNB seems to have made a move to secure themselves in the housing markets.

Questioned for comment, CEO and developer of the plan Spike Viper replied “I think this a brilliant moment for the average Vooperian - VNB will be able to work with Danish in his new position to compete for lower housing prices in Nerdcraft when the time comes.”

It’s unknown what the response to this will be, but VNB seems to be getting lucrative deals. Anonymous reports have shown that while X was offered ¢490,000 from POT (that’s almost half of POT’s liquid capital), but instead X sided with VNB for a far smaller ¢220,000 reward, citing “technological opportunities”.

Is this the last large move by VNB, or will these sparks set aflame some competition?

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