Melon Pope Steps Down, Says That His Work Is Done.

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

The 3rd Melon Pope, Unusederas, has stepped down as Melon Pope of the Melonist Church. In a statement made in front of the First Melonist Church in Medievala, thousands watched as the soon former Pope announced his departure from the position.

“The time has come for me to step down. 

When I first became Melon Pope, I had many goals for Melonism, I wanted to open up freedom of speech within it, spread a message of positivity and forgiveness, as well as allow anyone in vooperia to join our ranks.... However, I have realized that I have done all that I have wanted to do…. I have done all that I must do in this position, and for that reason I must step down. And now I ask you for help Melonists, we need an active, passionate member of the community to become pope….” Briefly summarized, Pope Unusederas said that the reason for his resignation was because, “I have done all that I must do in this position….” Unusederas’s departure was a shock to many, with many in Melonism not expecting this, however a few expected this departure, here’s The Folk Times Official Melon Church Correspondent, Fredrich Malon.

“If you pay close attention to the Pope’s actions, you can see his fatigue as his administration goes on. He has not done a Melon Sermon since the 22nd, and since becoming senator and beating Allegate in the civil war, the Pope has become more and more satisfied with the work he has done. Just like the Pope said, his work here is done, and I for one thing it’s great that he acknowledges this and steps down.”

The Pope and his cardinals are expected to begin the second Pope election in the following weeks, we will keep Vooperia updated in the coming weeks.

This has been, The Folk Times.