"I’m back where I belong." The Big Players in the Mellow Scandal Speak Up. PART 2

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Much has happened since our last article, for one, Mellow was re-elected, due to a catastrophic loophole in the constitution, where there was no law prohibiting the reelection of an impeached senator. In a previous interview, we asked Mellow what he’d do once impeached, he had this to say.

	“ Nothing prevents me from running again….so I am.”

Taken aback, Mellow informed us that there is a giant loophole in the constitution, where there is no definition as to what impeachment means, how long it lasts, or what are the consequences for being impeached. 

	“Senators may be impeached in several manners for failure to represent their people, uphold the law, or implement this constitution….” 	

This massive blunder is something Senator Allegate has been aware of for quite some time, however he has not been able to do anything about it due to the sacrilege of the constitution. 

“We have an odd situation in Vooperia right now, where there’s a large group of people that basically live by the words of the constitution. However, they also refuse to amend it at all.” 

There are people in Vooperia who essentially worship the constitution, and because of that there have been 0 amendments. Allegate argued that there was no change because of the Imperial status of Vooperia.

“We live in an Empire. An empire that cares more for unity than fixing any old laws or helping its citizens.”

Allegate placed the blame squarely on the Emperor, due to him vetoing every single amendment as of the publishing of this article. 

“Spike is not going to give up his power like that.”

We recently interviewed Mellow again, about his recent reelection, he had this to say when we asked him how he felt when he returned. 

“I'm where I belong. My people know I am a benefit not only to them but the nation and saw past Allegates' poor politically motivated vote.”

Mellow then proceeded to go on a tirade against Allegate, who he accused of multiple felonies.

“Breaking federal law, outright ignoring federal entities, and having general disregard for the senate, its laws, and the constitution.” Mellow also brought up the time he was imprisoned in Medievala for no apparent reason, which makes sense considering his previous history of attempted kidnapping. (https://discord.com/channels/785348222313824326/844416143191834654/879837237141975051.)

I asked Mellow what he would do to resolve this issue, noting that since the formation of the 5th senate, Allegate has won every single election. Meaning there would be no consequence if he was impeached, he had this to say.

“I believe that the citizens of Lanatia[Medievala] should recognize that their leader is not all he claims to be….My plan is to pass legislation (I’m writing two new bills at the moment) as well as advocate for more defined restrictions on the government and power to districts….I claim that allegate is all he goes against. A greedy ruler with little to no regard for the growth of our nation and instead wishes to use undiplomatic means (such as threatening citizens, senators, and secession) and corrupt acts to further benefit his own goals….”

In a way Mellow is enacting his revenge towards Allegate, restricting district autonomy, accusing him of the very things Allegate accused him of prior. I then proceeded to note the irony in his accusations, that he himself has done these very things. Like when he attempted to gain control of Corgi. He provided a long (perhaps suspiciously long) response.

“New Yam and POT aided Icelesia in war as we deemed them as the true leaders of the district. We did not request land from this war much how allegate forcefully took a port AND CITY from Icelesia. We attempted to make a deal with corgi (honestly to just boost district activity for them) however, we have leaned away from that, and are instead implementing diplomatic measures. If you would review my previous actions over the past few weeks I have been extremely diplomatic in dealing with allegate.”

After this, we shifted to the one thing that Allegate and Mellow agree on, that the constitution is a mess. After asking the question “Do you think the constitutional loophole aided you in your return to office?” Mellow had this to say.

“Yes it clearly did, anyone can see that. However, I am working to remedy many holes in our constitution.”

It’s funny to think that two senators so at odds are so similar in ideology, it’s no wonder that they are such bitter rivals on the Vooperian stage. 

“There are many vague clauses such that of the PM double vote, the PM double votes states that if the emperor is not present the PM can vote on his behalf; however, spike is never not present, and chooses not to vote, so the PM (Pope) gets a double vote, even though spike could vote. This is unfair, as senators who are not present are counted as abstained or not counted at all.” 

And with that, we close the book on the Mellow scandal, here are the final remarks of both interviews. 

Allegate- “You’ll want to write about the court case when it’s finished There’s gonna be a looooot of juicy info.”

Mellow. “Cock and Balls.”

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