TPB Vs. Ty and Co: a banking battle!

by PopeFrancis with SVNews Plus News

Only a few days after Ty and Co opened their bank, they are fighting a heated battle with TPB over the better loan rates, and it seems like it won’t stop for a while, too. Based on info that Coca provided in the #general channel, TPB is the better bank for long term deposits. You’d make 15K after 6 months after depositing 10K in TPB, and you’d only make 14K with Ty and Co. However, due to the fact that Ty and Co gives you weekly payments and TPB doesn’t, Ty and Co wins in the short term.

If you are looking to make a quick buck off of a bank account, go with Ty and Co. If you are trying to save money over time, go with TPB. It seems like the battle they are fighting will result in a tie.

Article made by Coolio