VNB Market Bubble

by Surge with The Tank

VNB's stock price, currently resting at 89 credits a share and having done so the past week, is in the middle of a bubble. Our Economists at the Tank have decided that VNB is in the middle of a bubble. A Stock Market Bubble being when Investors drive a market price higher than a fair valuation. This can be attributed to Herd or Mob Mentality.

There hasn’t been a shift in VNB stock price for the past 4.75 days, and if they were, it was so miniscule it had no effect. The last Shift was 5.25 days ago when VNB dropped from 89.5 credits to 85 credits, it quickly rebounded back to the 89 credits we currently have. And so our economists have decided that the last major shift in VNB stock price was when they dropped from 92 credits to 89 credits, which ended 7 days ago.

Currently Sell Valuations range from 140 credits per share at most to 93 credits at worst. However the people willing to buy VNB have valued it as high as 85, meaning there is 8 credit gap between the shares, or a 9% spread. However, there are 433 thousand credits worth of shares currently being sold. 362 thousand of which, or 83%, are being sold at prices north of 100 credits which VNb has not reached in 11.25 days. This clearly indicated a bubble, likely influenced by the fact market price for stocks is resting at 89 credits, though it would only take 44 Thousand Credits worth of shares to break the “buy wall”, the number of shares coming into a total of 521, to burst the bubble. This market correction would bring the stock price down to 76.5 credits a share, this would result in a 14% market drop for VNB stock prices by our calculations.