New Stock Exchange and more

by Bmkreher with Vooperia News Network

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"Buy VGB stocks today! VGB is a well-renowned company with a value of 40K! People with 25 stock before we become a bank are eligible for a 2% better rate for loans and accounts!"

The exchange page has been up with a bunch of placeholder companies. Some new features such as how much money your investments have gained and a search bar have been added. The stock page will be tested with VNB, SVNP, POT, TYCO, VCON, X, TECH, BG, and a few more companies being the first ones to be able to issue stock. All of these companies were chosen by the MOF and there are still 2 more companies that might be able to join the initial testing. While the new exchange page is up, no new information about the stock system has been revealed. Hopefully, we will be able to find out soon enough once the initial companies can issue stock.

With the new stock system coming, there are also more new systems. Intellectual property such as trademarks, copyright, and patents have been added. Many companies have already gotten trademarks for their ticker and company but a few other companies have not been trademarked. Hopefully, these new systems will allow for more innovation from companies. 

Spike has not announced an estimated date for when the new stock system will be finished. With the stock system being down the UBI is also very low due to little to none tax income into the government. Until stocks are officially back up we are expected to deal with this for a while longer. However, some members of the MOF after being asked how companies will apply for stock, the simple answer they gave was “through a form”. Hopefully, the new stock system will be finished in the coming weeks so the economy gets back into motion.

By Bmkreher and Just_a_Potato. We’d Like to thank Editor Imstuckinquarantine and Journalists Mr. Mr. and ZDAMAN.