Medievala Elections Just Around the Corner

by Allegate with The Medieval Magazine

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Hello readers and welcome back! Today we discuss the upcoming Medievala elections, and the consequences they may bring.

This election will be the first election Medievala has had since the civil war. The civil war is sure to have caused some change in the beliefs of Medievalan citizens. However, this may not even be a factor that comes into play.

A poll was sent out to the citizens of Medievala to see who the candidates were. Surprisingly, there were only two. One of those candidates was Allegate, who we will get to in a second. The other candidate was Pencifer.

Pencifer is the kingdom representative for the Federal City-State of Lanatia (not to be confused with the Lanatian Empire which will be mentioned soon). She has some political experience and an unknown amount of support. There is one issue with her status as a candidate: She is not in the SpookVooper server. It is currently unknown if she plans to rejoin the server for the election.

Allegate is most famous for his role in the Medievalan civil war. He was the one who started the war, declaring himself Emperor of the Second Lanatian Empire and seizing the entire district of Medievala. After this he was confined to his mansion and disallowed from holding any positions of power. That is, until recently, when current-Senator and former Melon Pope Unusederas allowed him to become a king once again. Allegate's impeachment decree has also expired, meaning the end of any restrictions on his political career.

If this were a normal election he would have no chance. But as usual in Medievala, things are not normal. With virtually no competition it seems Allegate will hold office for a second time. He has attempted to make it clear that he has renounced his old ways, but there is still distrust among the citizens of Vooperia.

The Medieval Magazine will continue to provide updates on the Medievala elections for the next week. Thanks for reading!