Nerdcraft Coming Soon? + SVNP Still Owned by Pope

by Imstuckinquarantine with Vooperia News Network

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By Imstuckinquarantine.

With Nerdcraft on the horizon, many people are excited about it. There has been some unrest in Spook Vooper. Reason being that nerdcraft is taking too long. I believe that Emperor Spike Viper has delayed Nerdcraft because of the new Nether Update coming to Minecraft. But there are leaks saying that the launch of the new update will happen on the 23rd of June. Now that we know this information, we may have been given a hint as to when Spike will launch Nerdcraft. We have been told that Nerdcraft will help the economy by a lot. This means that the UBI will hopefully increase. The current UBI has made many unhappy. It has become harder for new members of the Spook Vooper community to get started all because they make much less money.

By Just_a_Potato and Bmkreher.

Days, if not weeks ago, Mellow, the Minister of Finance, and Senator from New Yam, honked SVNP. SVNP was soon auctioned off using the powers of being the Minister of Finance but soon Spike stepped in. Spike canceled the auction and then started an appeal against LJ in order to get SVNP back. This started one of the longest court cases we have seen yet with the victors being Spike and Pope. This case made it illegal for self-sabotage in companies and gave back SVNP to Pope/VNB. Mellow has filed another appeal which has not been heard, but if it goes through, Mellow should receive compensation. The compensation mellow would get, either it being SVNP back or a certain amount of money is currently unknown and we shall wait and see. For now, all we can do is wait for Nerdcraft to start Collective Article by: Imstuckinquarantine, Just_a_Potato and Bmkreher. We’d like to thank Editor Trevor, and Journalists ZDAMAN and Mr Mr.