[SpookVooperian Aeronautics and Space Agency // Bill Review // 001 // 4]

by Asdia_ with Vooperian Archive

Good day and welcome to Archive News. Emperor SpikeViper has recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Vooperia City against Queensland and her Senator, Topc, to the Supreme Court. The lawsuit seems to be about Queensland having a monopoly over space programs SpookVooperian Aeronautics Space Agency. This is most likely a misunderstanding by the poorly-written clause, which has been acknowledged by the SASA authors, Sen. Topc and PhantomFighter. Emperor SpikeViper has also went on to encourage other Senators to show support for the lawsuit by signing their names. This has been interpreted as a show of power, though this other people may beg to disagree. Regardless, it does not seem that Emperor SpikeViper wants Sen. Topc to be punished, as he has not proposed a punishment for him, instead wanting the Supreme Court to criminalise bills that give certain districts a monopoly over services. However, this lawsuit has definitely damaged Sen. Topc's reputation, as many have been calling Sen. Topc rather rude names, such as "Monopoly man". Emperor SpikeViper has also noted that it would make more sense to let the Senate criminalise bills that allow monopolies, but so far no such bill has been proposed. The case has yet to start, so stay tuned for the next article!