MoJ Candidates: Why You Should Vote

by Allegate with The Medieval Magazine

"MoJ Candidates: Why You Should Vote" and more available in higher quality on the Medieval Magazine website! Find exclusive images, amazing ads, and a log of every article in case you want to catch up on last week's news. Link:

Disclaimer: This is not a news article, the candidates for MoJ are making their cases.

Silly: -Was a better MoJ than Thomas -"Allegate is cringe and supports biased news"

Allegate: -Runs the most successful and most popular news company in Vooperia -Has lots of experience with news both irl and on the SV website -Will do a better job of enforcing Press Passes than Tom -Has taken many writing classes and knows what makes a good article and what doesn't -Might introduce a new space to archive articles if there is enough support -Will expand on Tom's promises

There you go folks! Make sure to be an informed voter!