by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Miscommunication, impatience, and idiocy. Those are the words I’m using to describe this election, Vooperian Emperor Spikeviper sent out a rushed system without consulting election officials, angering candidates and citizens alike.

This election would be a first for the 4th senate session, and it seemed to be going well. Coolio, Senate Parliamentarian, was in charge of elections, and announced today that citizens could apply to be candidates, and that voting would begin next week. Vooperians all across the planet began filing their applications to run. Then, at around 6 today  Emperor Spikeviper started elections without consenting with the Senate Parliamentarian, or Tyco, the election manager, who hasn’t done anything relating to the elections yet.

We spoke to Senate Parliamentarian Coolio, who was as confused as us. He had no idea that the elections were supposed to start today, and commented that “....it's not legal but he does what he wants so.” He didn’t say that Spike was abusing his power though, rather that he was “definitely reaching.” 

Things are seeming to calm down, but many districts had major errors in the ballot. Spike’s method for elections had everyone registered on the SV website as candidates. However, that list has not been updated or used in around a year, so it is very outdated. In Medievala, some candidates who were applicants in the Coolio announcement were not on the ballot, like current senator Allegate, who was not on the ballot due to being blacklisted for unknown reasons. Spike soon revoked this, but it’s astonishing that this wasn’t fixed before, perhaps if he had more time…. 

We spoke with Allegate about this election, who was rightfully pissed about the whole situation. When asked why Spike started this election so early, he has this to say. “he wanted to push his coding project as usual, he got all excited that he got SV back, and then decided to use it before he properly tested everything.” He also commented about how the databases in the SV websites are very outdated. “I believe it is a good system, it just needs to be tweaked and fixed for our current state of the senate. This means removing all the random people from the districts.” We also asked Allegate on what this could mean for the future of Spookvooper, and he said this. “It’s going to be hard to get everything back as it was, but we are getting there.” 

There is still hope for better elections, due to the senate being active and rp as well, but we as Vooperian must hold accountable the people at fault for this catastrophe of an election. That person is none other than Emperor Spike, who’s lack of communication, impatience, and pride cost us the chance for a normal and fair election. 

This has been the Folk Times.