Orthodox Church of Vooperia

by lukaplayz with SVNews Plus News

In Nivrullian/Nivridianos, Servers Past, there seems to be a new religious group forming. 
“It’s fine,” said Snovaltica, the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Church, “We are just a group of individuals still following the religion and ways of the Second Rome.
The Ecumenical Patriarch is regarded as holy in the Eastern Orthodox Religion. It heads the Main Church, which used to be Istanbul, and controls a large Ecclesiastical Province. 

Currently, the Orthodox Church has established 4 Ecclesiastical Provinces, the: Ecumenical Patriarchate of Nivrullian Patriarchate of Praiterra Patriarchate of Tritonia and the Leeward Isles There are Numerous Churches as well. However, the only 2 that are special and not the head of an Ecclesiastical Province is the now-closed Church of the Citrus. With very few converts, it seems as the new Orthodox Seed would die out if it were for naught the Beet Ethnicity. The Beets are a very lost and canonized ethnic group that calls themselves the Buryak (Ukr. for Beetroot). With ties in the 1st Constitution and labels, they were massively affected by the Yam Civil war, destroying 99% of their Population. The Orthodox Church has agreed to shelter and give food to Beets. With this New Partnership, it seems that Working Together seems to help out everyone involved. -Snovaltica