Breaking News: Safehouse in Port Moresby Raided

by Surge with The Tank

Details aren’t fully out as of yet, but Reports are coming in on what appears to be a Raid by Vooperia State Security on some sort of safehouse in Port Moresby, Voopmont within the last few hours. Reasons for the Raid are unknown at the moment, as a Press Release from the Police Chief of Port Moresby has yet to be made.

Port Moresby is the home of many Icelesians, many who were born in Icelesia and moved to the mainland call the Port city their home. A Major trading hub between the Mainland Section of the District of Voopmont and the Island of Icelesia, the City still retains many connections to Icelesia, culturally and economically. This has led to many ideas now held as radical still persist in the city.

Port Moresby has long been a hotbed of secessionist activity, starting back when the Icelesia Independence movement began. And Despite the Collapse of the Movement, Port Moresby remained a hotbed of this thought, with the idea of Icelesian Independence continuing to circulate. While this idea had largely died out, as its support has waned in Icelesia itself. Sources from within the Voopmont Administration have spoken to us about this saying

“This Group agitates Voopmontian Independence, and appears to have been the spark that has relit the dormant Independence movements within Voopmont” says the Official

The Prime Minister said during the State of the Empire speech that “Seccession and Independence will be treated as insurrection, and will be put down”, Could he have been foreshadowing the public about this, was he warning the Independence groups. We do not know.

But We here at the Tank will keep you, The Vooperian People Updated on the Situation, as more information is released