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Since the beginning of the new year 2021, after 2 days there was a huge catastrophe/natural disaster in the New Yam district region, which had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, that caused a tsunami to go alongside with it. So we are here to interview the Senator of the New Yam district Coca, to shed the light on this issue.

Interview with Sen. Coca (NY)

Luka: Hello Coca, Welcome to our SVNP interview.

**Coca: Hello! Glad to be here with you.

Luka: We have some few questions to ask.

Luka: To start off, do you think the response time for VOAA alerting you and the government officials were swift or slow?

Coca: Well, from what I have seen, the way Snov (VOAA Chairman) alerted me was pretty swift.

Luka: Next question, Do you feel like something could’ve been done to help ease the situation beforehand much better?

Coca: For that, we already have isolation bearings and rubber shock absorbents installed in almost all medium sized buildings with larger ones having computer controlled weights. However we could have improved drastically on the resistance of our buildings against the tsunami.

Luka: Oh okay, well was there any evacuations activated by the district government?

Coca: We did have evacuations activated by us on the coasts of Hai Bei, Kanata and the Sanctuary.

Luka: Alright! After all of these disasters passed, how was the casualties, did the economy stagnate, and how much damage was it left to the New Yam region?

Coca: The causalities (as far as I know Snov hasn't said anything) and the economy stagnates less and more just drop and slowly climb up.

Since the Sanctuary Bridge was in slight danger we did have to evacuate everyone of it and raise it up, which did cost the government a bit more in crystalite then ideal. Same rural builds and tourist hotspots did have some of the smaller buildings destroyed by the tsunami but it is recoverable

Luka: Any message to the public you want to state?

Coca: Any refugees from the disaster can expect for their homes to be safe in only a couple of weeks.

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