New Stock System, Nerdcraft News, 2,000,000 Credits Lost

by Tyco with Pug News

Just two days ago, the stock market overhaul began. In the stock overhaul announcement, Emperor Spike Viper announced that all investors will be given the current value of their stocks and that all public companies will have their balances set to 0.

He later elaborated and said that investors will not retain stocks that they owned in companies, and that this new stock system will resemble a more realistic stock system. (A system where stocks are bought and traded between people at varying prices instead of the stock prices changing depending on the number of stocks issued, and the company value)

Emperor Spike Viper also announced that this new stock system will be coming before Nerdcraft does, and also announced some more Nerdcraft news today. He announced that Nerdcraft will be supporting the just-released 1.16 update which is big news due to many saying that releasing it in 1.16 would be a lot of extra work for the Emperor.

Another piece of stock news is that 2,000,000 credits were lost during the stock market reset. This is likely due to any portions of companies that had un-owned stock were completely deleted instead of the stock amount being transferred to shareholders. We are unsure at this time if the government is going to print more money to replace these lost credits, or just let it be.

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