Manipulated Markets Make Millions

by SpikeViper with The Vooperian

Recently POT Inc, known for their banking systems which recently were the second to become automated, have recently come under scrutiny for legal but questionable stock movements.

Stock buybacks, while legal, normally are used by a company to protect value and increase shareholder success. Several thousand POT shares were seen being bought by POT themselves, pushing the sell queue up to ¢99.98, while the buy queue lagged behind by almost ¢60.

A spread like this in the buy and sell values of a stock mean that for every share you buy, you will lose ¢60 if you were to sell it at the same time. Obviously, you should be able to sell a stock at the same price you bought it at, or close, within a small period of time - otherwise you risk losing massive collateral.

POT currently stands back with a more reasonable spread of ¢17 - still higher than any other company, but it will be hard for this issue to be fixed without the volume, which is currently extremely low, picking back up.

Will the government place restrictions on stock buybacks used to pump prices up arbitrarily? It looks like the biggest loss of credits will be to POT, who bought the stocks at the crazily high price - but what about confused investors buying a stock that has little chance to ever reach that purchase price again?