Current Events 9/29/20

by lukaplayz with SVNews Plus News

Current Events 9/29/20 By Allegate

Recently Emperor Spike Viper has announced a planned merger between all the V companies. VNB, VTech, and SVNP would be combined into SVNT, Spookvooper National Technologies. Topc has also considered joining SVNT with his company IDE. Some questions have been raised as to the naming of this new company, as only VTech is a technology company out of the three. According to Spike and several economists, SVNT would hold over ¢15,000,000 in assets. SVNP interviewed anyone it could find on the streets of Vooperia, and the general consensus was that while this merger is creating a massive monopoly, it doesn’t change much. When Tyco was asked his opinion, he stated “It’s gaty.”

Prior to this announcement, there have been 4 major court cases. SVNP will sum them all up for you readers.

Antonios v. VNB:

This court case started off with some confusion as to who was suing who. Antonios originally acted as the Attorney General suing Vooperia. After some clarification, it became Antonios v. Vooperia National Bank. Antonios was suing VNB for breach of contract, as VNB had failed to pay his interest for the month of August. He had lost ¢7022.52768 worth of interest due to Honk destroying the website for the bank. Spike initially made the argument that the amount owed was less than 5k, which according to the VNB Legal Agreements is not enough for a court case. However, when Antonios revealed that the amount owed was in fact over that limit, the case was concluded. The Lower Court decided that a total of ¢1,000 would be paid from VNB to Antonios. Despite this ruling, Spike appealed to the Supreme Court stating that the VNB Legal Agreements also prevented a lawsuit if technical issues prevent a payment. Upon this appeal, the Lower Court voided the case.

The rest of these court cases have not been heard as of the writing of this article, but their appeals will be summarized here.

Asdia v. TPB/POT

For this summary, TPB will be referred to as “POT”. Asdia was suing POT for failure to pay. According to Asdia, he had requested a withdrawal of 20k on September 16. As of September 26, he still had not received this payment. Because of this he made an appeal to “whatever court deals with companies” for the 20k credits and an extra 10k credits in compensation. He also stated that if anyone in POT could prove that the 20k credits had been sent, then the court case would be dropped and the 10k in compensation would not be demanded. Mellow, the owner of POT, provided proof of the payment along with help from Donia. Asdia dropped the case soon after.

TalkinTurtle v. Voopmont University (VU)

While this appeal is much shorter than the others, the court case has promise to be an interesting one. TalkinTurtle claims to own approximately 70 percent of all shares in VU.

According to laws regarding Owner’s Rights, he should own the company. VU itself does not own any significant portion of the shares. TalkinTurtle is requesting control of the company if he wins the court case.

Honk v. VTech, Spike Viper, Superjacobl

Possibly the biggest court case of the 4, Honk is suing VTIF in a class action lawsuit. He is suing on behalf of all VTIF customers. As a writer there is no way I could summarize this entire appeal properly, so it will be included word-for-word.

“The VTech Investment Fund (VTIF), a product from VTech, had hidden fees and costs that were not advertised on the VTIF site ( These hidden fees directly lead to VTIF customers unknowingly losing money. By gaining money by dishonesty, VTech has committed fraud.

SpikeViper claims to have access to the VTIF GitHub repository and has stated that there has been a disclaimer on the withdrawal page all along. As this is incorrect, and Mr SpikeViper can easily check these claims (he is even notified whenever Mr SuperJacobl updates VTIF), Mr SpikeViper is complicit in these acts and should be penalised for his involvement.”

Honk is requesting that all VTIF customers be compensated for any funds lost due to the hidden fees. However, he also requests that customers only be compensated for lost funds before they knew about the hidden fees.

Spike Viper v. Honk

Spike has made an appeal that Honk be barred from suing VTech, claiming that there is a conflict of interest with Honk suing the company he works for. However, this request is not expected to stand. There are laws protecting the rights of company workers to sue their own company. The request seems like a vain attempt to block Honk, who is possibly the best lawyer in Vooperia, from going through with his major court case against VTIF.

That concludes this Current Events article! Thank you for reading and remember to read SVNP!