“bad senators do not deserve their position”: The Big Players in the Mellow Scandal Speak Up. PART 1

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Mellow’s Impeachment has left many of us scratching our heads, leaving the average Vooperian wondering, “Why did he get impeached?” “How will this affect the next election for New Yam?” “What comes after for Mellow’s political career?” and “What does Mellow have to say to his accusers?” All this and more will be answered in the following articles.

We begin with Mellow, former senator of New Yam, accused of corruption, violating multiple laws, meddling in the elections of other districts, and threatening other districts with war. When confronted with these accusations, he denied every single claim.

“I deny all of them, the corruption they deem spike said was legal….I’ve never threatened other districts with war and as seen by allegates current court case…. If I did, it was a joke.”

Mellow claims that he was impeached wrongly, that he was simply trying to be “...civil

and diplomatic.” And that his accusers can “can go blow me.”

When asked who could replace him, Mellow responded, “Donia could, Canada will try.”

Allegate is senator of Lanatia, Emperor of Medievala, and primary prosecutor in the Impeachment proceedings. We interviewed him about the impeachment, and why he decided to impeach in the first place.

“I believe bad senators do not deserve their position. Normally these bad senators would get voted out, but he has no competition in his district.” 

 Allegate argues that impeachment is necessary, because Mellow is, according to Allegate, a bad senator; However, due to unique circumstances, the democratic process is unable to function.

“He[Mellow] has established a sort of money cult in his district, so the others simply do not want to run against him, but also his district is tiny and there are very few citizens to run anyway.”

After impeachment, new candidates typically emerge, so we asked Allegate who could replace Mellow in the coming election. His response? 

“Donia has moved to New Yam and showed interest in the position.”

Allegate however shows disdain for Donia, stating that, “...Donia is notorious for selling himself and his district out. He sold Corgi to Mellow before, and I fully expect him to be a puppet again.”

Donia certainly seems like the talk of town, and in our next story we will interview and discuss Donia’s policies if elected, and a continuation of Mellow and Allegate’s interviews.

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