SenateNow! EP1

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Hello and welcome to SenateNow! Today in the senate, we begin the day at 2:30PM, with Xboy from Queensland asking for advice on his Freedom of Speech Act, which quote, “...Aims to allow freedom of speech and beliefs if not harming another race.” which allows for the creation of parties, and restricting senators from making laws that infringe on the rights of other races. After this, the Senator for Old Yam (Silly) asked the Senator for Vooperia City, why he had disdain towards the Ministry of Cosmetics, Luka’s response? “it’s extra, it’s literally just cosmetics.” After a heated debate including the Prime Minister, and Silly, Luka finally relinquished, saying, “Bro it’s my opinion...Damn.” Silly retorts, stating that. “So..? I'm allowed to debate your opinion sir. This is a government.” After this Luka said that “I have school rn, smh, I don't have time to debate rn.” Putting an end to the discussion.

After that heated debate, the Senator of Old Yam expressed support for the Wealth Distribution Act. (Now named the Inheritance Tax Act,) it was created by Wyatt, it’s primary goal is to collect money from the dead, (inactive accounts,)  here’s an excerpt from the proposed act itself, defining what a dead person actually is. “Dead or deceased shall be defined as someone who has left the server for longer than 30 days, a person who is missing shall be defined as someone who has not spoken on the server for 90 days.” However, he had concerns towards the complexity of it, saying that. “It'd be better if you just say, those who have not been active in 90 days, their money goes to the government and it is treated like a tax so the normal amount that would go to UBI/saved in the government funds...That way it can be just simply treated as any other tax and Spike wouldn't have to program an entirely new system for it.” Wyatt, Senator for the Voopmont District, agreed saying, “Yeah makes sense.”

Silly then proposed a revision of the act, saying that section one was ok, but that he would change the last two sections. “Okay so here is how I would write it, Money will be collected from those who are missing, or dead… Money collected will be treated as a regular tax, with the appropriate amount being disturbed through UBI and the rest being saved or used for other government funding.” Wyatt was worried that Silly was trying to undercut, citing the use of “appropriate amount” in the using of funds from this tax for other agencies, Silly counters by saying that, “Much is currently designated for UBI. Which is currently 90%.” Which is why in the new version he is proposing, he plans on changing the amount of money that is given to the UBI, which was at 90%. Silly then expressed concern about the name of the act, saying that the “Wealth Distribution Act” sounded quote, “...Communist and that could be why people don't like it because some people react purely on the name of the bill.” Wyatt dismisses this, saying that. ‘What's so bad about communism? I'll get BMK VOTE Lmao.” He then later changed the name.

During this exchange, Wyatt, Senator of the Voopmont District, says he’s going to write a bill on national security. He says it will be. “ VERY GOOD. Maybe a little too good.” I imagine he intended this as a joke, but then he continues to say that “We should make it very good. So good it takes freedoms. Umm no. What. Who said that?” Again, most likely joking.

Danish, senator of the Netherlands District, opposes Wyatt’s act, saying that “Doesn't Superjacobl have an inactive tax plan? That would be much easier to enforce than whatever Wyatt suggested.” Wyatt smacks back with. “Mine better. VTech biased.” Danish is clearly done with him, stating, “Wyatt that's just dumb.” Wyatt instantly calls out Danish, calling him a “JACOB SUPPORTER.” And Danish completely denies this, saying that “I don't support Jacob (or any senator) over anyone else. I have no preference or bias towards or against anyone. But I will call out dumbness if I see it. You're asking Spike to program a billion things.” Silly doesn’t agree, saying that “Well Danish, with how much I dumbed it down, it's now a lot simpler than Jacob's plan.” Danish combats this, arguing that simple doesn’t mean practical. “I feel it's impractical to have an automated system check for if a person hasn't spoken in 30 days or whatever or to have a person be assigned to check and report this. Lack of activity is hard to spot.” This went back and forth, with them defining that it is not an inactivity tax, but a way to harness hundreds of thousands of unused funds, trapped in unused accounts. After a few back and forth, Danish asked if whether or not it would be an automated system, or a manual process, Silly and Wyatt responded with “Automatic duh.” Danish countered, saying that “You can't just say automatic and expect Spike to do coding magic.” As of writing this, the senate remains quiet.