Senator No More?

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

It seems as if Allegate’s reign has come to an end. For the first time in recorded history, there has been a tie in the Lanatian Election. In an interview, Allegate calls foul play.

“...I’m concerned about how this could’ve happened. All the polls showed a massive lead for me…”

And this is true! Polling showed Allegate with a 68% approval rating before the Lanatian Senatorial Debate. However following the debate support fell 7 percent, showing that maybe this tie can be attributed to his less than spectacular performance in the debate. During the debate Allegate was slammed for constitutional edits which give the High King and Queen extraordinary power. Wizard called it, “Literally a power grab, giving way too much power to...his position as High King…” Sh00b also hammered Allegate, comparing him to the unpopular Emperor of Vooperia, which could’ve swayed some votes for him or Wizard.

“It is ironic how you[Allegate] claim to be campaigning against the powers of the Emperor[Spike]. Only for the constitution to grant you powers that are comparable to what the emperor has, you are the definition of DOUBLE STANDARDS.”

This statement was one of the highlights of the night, with it being one of the first times that a political candidate within Lanatia has truly stood up to Allegate. So there you have it, on one hand, Allegate’s failure to change his overpowered constitutional edits hurt his campaign big time. But on the other hand, Allegate called foul play, saying that Wizard could’ve used “DM campaigning,” an illegal campaign method where you DM voters in an attempt to gain their vote.

“...without any conversation from wizard to convince supporters since the last poll, I have worries about possible DM campaigning, which as we know is illegal. However I’m not going to point fingers or try to claim fraud…”

There is currently a tie breaker vote being held in the senate right now, and with Allegate’s antagonistic approach to foreign policy, Senator SBC is calling this, “...a new era.” Allegate’s antagonistic position hasn’t stopped though, with him threatening to destroy the democratic process in Lanatia, stating that,


Right now it’s unclear what the senators will do, but whatever will happen, one thing’s for sure.

It scared the shit out of Allegate.