by jam with Jam News Network

The following is a time sensitive direct press release from VNB

VNB Press Release 9/28/2020

Details: Vooperia National Bank, SVNews Plus, and VTech are currently undergoing talks for a merger. Such a merger would be the largest in Vooperian history, and boast new jobs and salaries ranging up to ¢100 per hour. The new firm expects to employ up to 25 Vooperians if formed, and will redesign the payment, banking, and media industries with a focus on convenience and features.

SVNT, standing for SpookVooper National Technologies, would hold over ¢15,000,000 in assets and be a giant in the economy. All current shareholders of VNB, SVNP, or VTECH would have their shares converted directly into SVNT shares for convenience and an expected increase in price if you hold SVNP or VTECH. SVNT would sport its own website, discord server, and management team led by a board of SpikeViper, Pope Francis, and Superjacob.

While further details are currently underway, it should be known that SVNP and VTECH are currently VNB subsidiaries. This move would be to ensure closer work between the companies and allow for finances to be more easily moved across the companies, while allowing for a united front on development and design.