Senator Wyatt's Downfall | SenateNow EP2

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Hello and welcome to SenateNow! The only bi-weekly show to give you the facts of the senate! We have a very action packed show today, so be sure to stay tuned!

We start the day with the Senator from San Vooperisco, (who we interviewed in an article of Senatorial Transparency,) who introduced a bill he called the Public Defense and Prosecution Act, which is in summary, “...shall create 3 new Positions, the Attorney General whos job is described below, as well as the District Attorney and the Public Defender. This Act also allows citizens to appeal against the government, and the government to prosecute rule breakers.” Pope brought this bill to the senate to ask for advice before publishing it, the Senator from New Vooperis immediately calls the bill, “Bad bill .Power to the people.” Pope calls Wyatt out, claiming that, “Wyatt doesn't believe that the governments work for the people, he thinks that the people work for the government.” The PM agrees, recalling that Wyatt has called for totalitarianism before. Wyatt, shocked, counters with the argument that he is simply too uneducated to understand anything else. Pope is skeptical, saying that, “Okay well then get educated. Don't just vote yes or no just because you don't understand something. Attempt to understand it.”

Wyatt then tries to argue that the bill costs the government unnecessary funds, to which Pope responds with a slap of fury, “How?! Seriously how? There is no mention of spending anywhere in the bill!” Wyatt attempts to beat Pope, by arguing that, “If you sue the government. They lose money. It's just indirect tax returns!” Coca, senator of New Yam, joins in, condemning Wyatt, “What the %$#@ Wyatt! People can already sue the government….This just creates procedures if it happens.” Senator Honk of the Corgi District then asks if the public defenders will be paid, Coca responds that if Honk wants they could be paid by the government, and Pope says that Honk should be given editor, and Coca says, “I mean like 1k for defending is alright. It won't happen often.” While it has not been written at the moment, we are sure that soon public defenders will be paid.

After that, Coca states that he does not support the A-RSA, which is an act that Wyatt proposed, which is supposed to, “...make hate speech against a particular ethnicity illegal.” Luka, senator of Vooperia City, says that it’s not in the lower courts place to interpret what is and is not racism, and that that should be left for the Supreme Court. Honk and Pope enter the scene, defending the A-RSA, arguing that A, the supreme court only does impeachment and items of the constitution, and B, that interpreting laws is literally what a court is supposed to do. Luka backed down on his stance, but Coca is not swayed, arguing that what Wyatt’s bill is doing is not freedom, but restricting people’s freedom of speech. Wyatt defends his bill asking the senate to think of the emotional damage that can be avoided. Coca is shocked by this, this is the conversation that follows.

Coca,“excuse me, did you just say emotional damage?” Wyatt, “Yes.” Coca, “You are stupid.” Xboy of Queensland enters the debate, arguing that, “bruh just ask them to stop and if they don't get a mod or something, if they’re directing it at you.” Wyatt holds stedfast, arguing that, “The damage will already have been done!” Very melodramatic. Pope asks Wyatt, “Why are we banning racism?” To which Wyatt responds, “Racism is bad.” Coca comes back, saying that the law that Wyatt is making is a quote, “Reverse of freedom Wyatt.” Coca, Xboy, and Pope, continue to argue that racism is for the moderators of the server to deal with, not the government, Wyatt responds with, “You guys have lived your lives with freedom and now can't see the flaws within. Selfishness, at it's finest.” Pope responds, “Wyatt what the @#$%.” and Coca begins to compare Wyatt to communist china. Wyatt defects these critics, arguing that there is a fundamental flaw in freedom, Coca asks what this is, and Wyatt replies. “Freedom of speech.” Coca accused Wyatt’s bill of breaking the constitution, to which Wyatt responded.

			“I'm fixing the flaws in freedom.”

After this, many members of the Senate attack Wyatt, with only senator Honk agreeing with him, he says that. 

“For free speech to work there needs to be limits!” “It shouldn't be a get out of jail free card.” For Wyatt’s part, argues that the United States government, (for which the Vooperian government is based off,) a. “ anarchic slum of a country.” And then says that his views are the same as Honks, which Honk objects, stating that, “No, Wyatt you get 2 meters away from me! Me and you are not the same!” Many senators laughed at this, saying that Honk is dissociating from Wyatt. They continued the debate, until Emperor Spike removed Wyatt from the NVP, saying that his actions, “seem to conflict with personal liberty and freedoms.” They continued the debate, many calling for Wyatt’s resignation of impeachment, he tried to defend his views, claiming that, “If Spike is already a dictator, how are my views any worse?” The others objected, saying that Spike never removed their freedoms. Wyatt then began calling out many members, including the Emperor, “This server is completely corrupt, and I can see why Coolio and Ronald left.” And then finally at 3:20, the vote was made to impeach Wyatt, with an almost 100% approval.

Wyatt began as a NVP member, rising to prominence with his policies, but soon, he turned into a facist, hiding his real intentions behind a mask. In the end, that is what cost him his senatorship.

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