Recent Developments in Vooperian News

by CSI_Gunner with The Frenchman Post

The POT/SVNP Fiasco On June the 10th, a corporate takeover of SVNP, a subsidiary of VNB, was organized by Mellow, CEO of POT. SVNP stock that was sold by LJL was acquired by Mellow, which allowed for the takeover. The logo for SVNP was comically changed to a potato. Emperor Spike Viper immediately appealed for the Supreme Court in order to have case law created preventing actions like this from happening, and he chose to prosecute LJL for breach of contract in the case. Despite it being evident that LJL had never signed a contract, the Supreme Court still ruled in favor of Emperor Spike, and returned SVNP to the Emperor, despite Mellow not being prosecuted. Mellow later appealed to have this overreach rectified, but their appeal was initially denied, and later accepted, though no case has been heard.

The Court Coercion and Neutrality Act (CCNA) Following the Emperor Spike V LJL Supreme Court case and ruling, legislation was drafted to address the Supreme Courts ability to legislate from the bench. This bill is intended to make explicitly illegal manipulation of the Judicial System via multiple channels. More can be read on the CCNA here:

Silly and the Yams Silly Possibility has joined the Senate race in New Yam, in a Prime Minister election bid.

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