New Perks for Spike’s Patrons

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

After a long hiatus we are back! And now we're hosting Liberation Weekly while they wait for a press pass.

This article written by SillyPossibility Recently, Emperor SpikeViper has announced a brand new perk for Patrons, a “vanity SVID”. This means you would be able to customize your SVID to whatever you wanted to. This could be used to make going to your Spookvooper page much easier, but this could also be used anywhere else a SVID would normally be used.

Additionally, the emperor a few hours later announced several more exciting updates that were discussed earlier in the day.  These include:
“New Patreon Benefits:
	-No inactivity tax
	- 10 group limit
Basic income:
	- Citizen: ¢20/hr
  • Soldier: ¢60/hr

  • Loyalist: ¢175/hr

  • Hero: ¢350/hr

  • Madlad: ¢800/hr Incoming access to unlisted streams”

    Despite concerns brought up by critics that these changes are turning Spookvooper into a pay to win system, these changes are sure to bring in more income to Emperor Spike, which can only help the community overall. If you were thinking about becoming a Patron by aren’t sure, perhaps these changes will push you over the edge, because now is the best time to become a Patron.

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