by Aostii with Vooperian Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE VOAA Description: 2021 January New Yam Earthquake Summary: Around 24 Hours ago, the final aftershocks and Landslides after the recent Earthquake has finally settled down. The VOAA Station in Sanctuary and Hai Bei(海北) has automatically generated a report. Cause: Strike-Slip Fault near the Cape of New Yam REGION: NORTHERN VOOPERIA MAIN EARTHQUAKE STRENGTH: Richter Scale 7.2, Mercalli Scale X LOCATION: Approximately 6.8 Miles Due Northeast of Cape of New Yam, in the Northern Ocean. TSUNAMI MAX HEIGHT: 1.22 Metres / 4.01 Feet CASUALTIES: Unknown MISSING: ~100 EST. DAMAGE: ~2,532,000 Credits (including inflation as of release) DISTRICTS AFFECTED: NEW YAM ALERTS ISSUED IN: DISTRICT OF [NY]: Landslide Warning, Earthquake Warning, Evacuation Alert, Tsunami Watch, Tsunami Warning Auto-Generated by VOAA STATION NY-SC,NY-HB Authorized by Chairman Snovaltica of Servers Past