Touring SV Hub

by donia with Vooperian News Network

Hello fellow comrades! I hope you had a great day! Today in a special edition of Vooperia News Network, we will be taking a look at the SpookVooper Hub server. I heard a lot about SV Hub before, but I never knew what it was for until quite recently. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of effort put into such a server. The server has many features such as a UBI tracker and a music channel. But by far the server’s most outstanding feature is that it links and categorizes all SV related servers. And looking at the amount of server links there are, it is a pretty impressive feat. The SV Hub allows you to connect with people from other districts or even advertising your company’s server link. There are 11 whole categories of different servers from corporations to even political parties. And the admins are still hard at work and active to this day! For example, the UBI tracker is currently being improved. And for such work and effort put into this server, I was surprised at the fact that there were so little people in this server at all. That is why I say that you give this server a chance and check it out today. It won’t cost you anything nor take much of your time.

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