Superjacobl, Exclusive Interview.

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Hello! And welcome back to Senatorial Transparency, today we’re talking to Superjacobl, recently elected Senator of New Vooperis. And how hlans to change his district.

I first asked him his opinion about the Senate Transparency Act, he said, “Oh I agree with it, 100%” Which is a relief. I also asked him what his experience in the Vooperian Senate was like, he responded with, “Interesting for one… there has been a lot of drama.” When I asked him to elaborate, he responded with “Really every kind.”

We also spoke about the plans he has for New Vooperis, giving very in depth answers.

“Improving the economy. Is the biggest thing. And increasing district autonomy.” He said he’d get these changes by allowing district level taxes, as well as allowing district bonds and funding.

I asked him to describe his district, trying to get a better view of it, here’s what he had to say, “NV has rich resources. Such as iron, coal, and diamonds.” Seems like a very rich district, but he says he sees it as a tech hub, rather than a mining industry. We’ll see as time goes on.

We’d like to thank Superjacobl, for letting us interview him today, Sorry it's a bit bare bones, we'll be sure to compensate next time on Senatorial Transparency! And if you’d like to support the Folk Times, please consider buying an advertisement for the low low cost of 500 per article, thanks for reading, see you soon. If interested in working for the Folk Times, please DM Unusederas#6442 for more info.