New Elections for Senate as Nerdcraft Advances and Controversial Bill Proposed

by jam with Jam News Network

For the past week or so, new Senate elections have been held with interesting results. The first election, for The Netherlands District, had Not Danish beat out two other opponents, after Senator Antonios did not run for re-election. The second election was held in Vooperia City District, where incumbent Senator Sh00b (DP) beat out late-entry candidate Erin. Currently as of press time, New King Peninsula is holding their elections with the only candidate, incumbent Senator Surge winning. JNN predicts Senator Surge to win reelection. All of the new senate voting has been done on the new online voting system developed by Honk. Chief Justice Tyco said he “likes the new election system” and thinks it will “revolutionize the election of government officials”. The next Senate elections will be held in the following schedule, with approximately one or two days in between each election, and each election lasting 24 hours.

Old Yam New Spudland San Vooperisco Voopmont Los Vooperis Corgi Queensland Landing Cove Medievala New Yam Isles of Servers Past New Vooperis

New progress to Nerdcraft is taking place, after an announcement three days ago that Nerdcraft was already 60% done, and a release planned within the week. Currently loose ends and features are being finished as the economy prepares for the start of Nerdcraft. Senator and Member of vDOT Pope said he was excited for Nerdcraft and thinks it will help the economy.

Speaking of Nerdcraft, a new SpookVooper University named Voopmont University is opening its doors this saturday, well at least on their discord server. Voopmont University plans to have a physical university building in Nerdcraft, with help from the somewhat controversial Vooperian Educational Stimulus Bill. This bill plans to give Voopmont University a plot of land on the main island in the Voopmont District, and supply the university with a grant of 750,000 credits to be spent for education purposes. Some critics say this is irresponsible without first knowing the financial viability of the University, but supporters say it's only a small amount compared to the Government’s budget and will create jobs. Senator and head of the MOF Mellow said, “I think it's a waste of money” and that they would rather see the University show the government price quotes rather than “just throwing money at it”. Admin and long time member Silly said he “supports the education bill” and that “Money desperately needs to be moved out of government accounts, but cannot with the current UBI system. This [bill] will help money go directly into the economy, jumpstarting several markets”. Founder of Voopmont University and Judge Coolio said the stimulus from the government would “be helpful in aiding Voopmont University into becoming an actual plot of land in Nerdcraft.” Voopmont U currently offers 8 classes, Business Management, Coding, Economics, History, Literature, Music Theory, Political Science, and Graphics Design.

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