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                                                              NOVEMBER 19 INTERVIEW WITH BlueViper

Hello Vooperia and welcome to SVNews Plus, the best place in Vooperia to get your news. Today’s edition is for MoJ Candidate BlueViper, and it will be reported by me, Luka.

Interview with BlueViper, MoJ Candidate

[Luka] Hello! This is Luka from SVNP

[Blue] Hello!

[Luka] Do you mind giving me your MOJ election campaign key details?

[Blue] Yes of course

[Blue] I am mainly running off being more strict toward journalists

and their news companies if needed. The Vooperian people do not need misinformation in their lives, I want a hotline of some sort set up so that if a citizen sees misinformation in a news article, they can message the MOJ and have the appropriate punishment put on the journalist/news company

whether it be a fine, removal of a press pass, deletion of the article, etc.

Sadly misinformation is already an issue in our news industry and it needs to be fixed.

[Luka] Are there any campaign key points that would also help support news companies?

[Blue] Of course, In exchange for being nonbiased and spreading correct information, news companies should benefit. I am not entirely sure on how exactly they would benefit, but most likely it would involve money of some sort, maybe a MOJ recommendation.

[Luka] So that means payments to news companies for being non-biased and also spreading correct information in their articles?

[Blue] Most likely, yes. Of course, you can be biased in opinion pieces, However, an opinion piece must be explicitly stated to be one, and the information must still be accurate and not misleading.

[Luka] If you would become MoJ right now, what would you first do?

[Blue] I would want to do that hotline sort of thing first,

I, personally am not educated in every small detail of Vooperian lives and information, so I need other people to show me when there is an error.

Then, I can make sure the companies/journalists doing good jobs are being rewarded, and those who are being misleading or using inaccurate information are punished.

[Luka] Amazing! The next questions are from what most Vooperians are concerned about you and want to know about.

[Luka] First concern/question is, Will you stay in SpookVooper as you have recently been leaving and joining SV?

[Blue] As of right now, I am planning on staying in SV, and I doubt that will change. I needed time to adjust to school, and now that I have done that, I should be fine.

[Luka] Second question/concern is, Are you are serious about running for this governmental position, as there have been some citizens who think you are unprofessional with your campaigning strategies.

[Blue] That is true, to be perfectly honest I do not exactly expect to win, mainly due to the competition. However, I am campaigning to the Senate, not the citizens, and I believe they are professional enough to know that I, too, can be professional, and I expect this interview to be a good indication of that.

[Luka] Great response! The last question is if you have any message you want to say to the Vooperian citizens.

[Blue] The Vooperian citizens are the ones who I most wish to protect. They are the ones who will be the most directly negatively affected by misinformation spread by the news, and that must be fixed. I have their best interests in mind, and I think all Vooperians can agree that misinformation in the media is wrong, and if they agree with that, they at least agree with me on one thing.

[Luka] Thank you so much, for doing an interview with us!

[Blue] No problem!

[Luka] Goodbye!

[Blue] Goodbye!

If you are a citizen and like Blue, go ahead and convince your Senator to go vote for him!