The Bill | SenateNow EP3

by Gab_M87 with The Folk Times

Hello and welcome to SenateNow, a show that summarizes today in the senate, because today was rather uneventful, we’ll take a look at Sunday.

We start the day with Silly, senator of Old Yam, regretting the denial of the The Ministry Monetary Assistance Act, which he claimed, “Was actually a good bill.” Coca agrees, saying that he had no clue why people voted no for it. Silly replies with, “I think everyone just voted no to every wyatt bill without reading them. To be fair he did spam a lot of junk bills.” Coca wondered if those bills could be re-proposed, Silly agrees, but says that another bill, CML, “Might not be salvageable because vooperia is a bunch of ancaps who hyperventilate at the thought of any market regulation.” Then returned to the conversation about flat out ignoring Wyatt’s bills, the PM commented, “I don't remember to be honest, i think it might have been because Wyatt wrote it and i was just going against his stuff.” Silly, then promises that he will rework and re-propose the Monetary Assistance Act, because it was a quote, “Solid bill.”

Superjacobl, senator of New Vooperis, argues for an antitrust law, which is basically a collection of laws that regulate the conduct and organization of corporations and promote competition for the benefit of customers. Coca, senator of New Yam argues that there is already an antitrust law, presenting an excerpt from a law stating that, “Natural Monopolies are illegal.” Silly however agrees with Jacob, arguing that, “I think the biggest thing is that Anti-competitive behavior needs to be further expanded upon, is the definition.” After some discussion, the PM, Silly, and Jacob decided to team up to create this bill, settling on the name “Anti-Competitive Behavior Act.” The debates that followed were heated, with Silly and Honk, senator of the Corgi District arguing about the nature of the bill. Silly argued that individual companies should specify what things could cause people to get fired in the new law, while Honk and Coca argued that that is an issue for the companies to resolve themselves, and forcing them to do it isn’t right. They continue, with Coca now saying that, “If you have to force companies to write every little bit for contracts it is going to make business incredibly hard.” Silly argued that this isn’t forcing anything, and that all he’s arguing is employees should know what can get them fired. Coca then combats this with another argument, this one being that, “I don't want people to be starting companies to get yeeted of the start and only groups of friends who can trust each other are the ultimate companies.” Silly comes back with the statement that that is harmful to both the employee and employer, and that that isn’t even the argument he’s making. They continue the debate, with a winner being hard to see. And that concludes the session of yesterday.

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