Nerdcraft Jobs

Make money and get things done.

Rise the social ladder

Jobs are the essence of the economy - you can work for server jobs, such as the police, or choose to work for a corporation - or both! Special rules apply to jobs and must be followed to maintain a smooth and enjoyable experience for residents.

Police rules

1. Police may not commit crimes.

2. The Underground (subcity for criminals) is outside of legal territory.

 - The Underground is considered once you enter the main Underground entrance.

 - Police may not arrest within the Underground.

 - Criminals may be apprehended on the way to the Underground.

 - Police may investigate in the Underground - but not stalk or follow specific criminals.

3. Police Officers must follow the commands of the Police Chief.

4. Use of force must be backed by a warrant.

5. Police should always attempt to arrest before violence.

6. 911 calls must be responded to at the best of an officer's ability/

7. The Police job must come before Corporate jobs, and corporate jobs may not fire a police officer for spending time responding to crimes.

Criminal rules

1. Criminals may not RDM (random kill).

 - Criminals may perform "muggings".

 - Violence may be used if a mugging victim runs away or tries to fight.

 - A mugging victim cannot be punished for being too poor to pay your demands.

 - You may not attack a mugging victim who pays your demands.

2. Criminals may only perform one major crime per hour

 - A major crime is considered to be breaking and entering a residence.

 - You may not break and enter into an offline player's property.

3. Criminals may only perform one major crime per hour.

4. Criminals may not 'bait' citizens into the Underground.

5. Criminals may not perform crime in the Underground.

 - The Underground is a safe zone.

 - The Gang Leaders forbid conflict within the Underground.