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Elected Senator: None!

Population: 25

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Containing Icelesia and the Northwestern coast of Libertia, Voopmont is a sparse and snow-covered land full of cozy cottages and small towns. Education lacks behind the more well-developed regions, but Voopmont is a well known staple of hospitality. Common for vacations, the vast gravel beaches prove strong for a fishing-based economy.

Less well known is Icelesia's strong oil industry, powering the more industrial districts and maintaining a line of capital to fund the cozy lives of its inhabitants.

The Captain Samuel Sea lies between Voopmont's two major landmasses, and it named after pirates that were found early into settlement. These pirates existed before the land iced over, and archeological digs occasionally turn up anchors and lost ships under the ice.

Ever few years the temperature will drop low enough that the two landmasses will connect, which is celebrated with dog sled races and a visit from the President, as this is seen as good luck to the region and creates a boom of ice fishing across the region.