The District of

Vooperia City

Elected Senator: None!

Population: 34

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Vooperia City is the beating heart of Vooperia. More accurately, if it were a heart, it would be the heart of a marathon runner in the last mile of a race. Situated in the center of almost every major highway system known to the planet, Vooperia City serves as a transit hub unlike any seen before.

Massive skyscrapers capable of docking starships pierce the sky, sending blue and purple glows through the clouds. Due to the congestion in legacy vehical lanes, most traffic has shifted vertically and floats uesing new "sky lane" technology to direct the flow. Although originally seen as terrifying, the self-driven system has only resulted in a few accidents to date, most of which due to poor maintenance or human error.

Vooperia City holds the Grand Spire, which not only beacons important information to the Vooperian Space Force, but serves as a quantum link to other communication hubs located on far planets.

Vooperia City is home to the Vooperian Stock Exchange, which is responsible for trillions in holdings across vast numbers of currencies. As a prime target for revolutionaries and terrorist attacks, security within Vooperia City is tight and is a constant point of debate - where surveillance is either believed to be safety, or tyranny, depending on who you ask.