The District of

San Vooperisco

Elected Senator: None!

Population: 28

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San Vooperisco is known as the heart of disaster in Vooperia, but that reputation has died down in the decades. Sophisticated technology and the generally calmer climate and activity of SpookVooper mean San Vooperisco rarely sees waves like they did back in the old days - and it's rare for such a sight to be accompanied by any real damage.

The city, having been rebuilt several times during its founding, lies upon an intricate network of canals and walls layed down to prevent flooding during periods of high tidal activity. Because of this, during the low tides, the city has a social climate similar to that of old-school California: The local teens have plenty of cement surfaces to grafitti, and the canals prove a major destination for skateboarders who don't fear getting a little risky.

Most major infrastructure and power lines have moved to the mountains, and along with that the industry. Bunkers dot the surface, should a disaster hit yet again.