The District of

Old Yam

Elected Senator: SillyPossibility

Population: 33

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Old Yam, much like New Yam, underwent a revolutionary phase against the New Vooperis government. However, unlike New Yam, which was located across the Central Sea, Old Yam was located right next to the major city. With this proximity to the heart of New Vooperis, a violent protest turned to riots, and eventually, full-scale war.

New Vooperis' response, which is both appauded for brevity and condemned for unnecessary damage, was to redirect an extremely small meteor towards the area. Whether by accident or by malicious means, the wrong object was flung, causing hundreds of times the anticipated damage. The Vooperian Federal Governent quickly intervened, pledging to fix the damage and mitigate the loss of life.

Old Yam now stands as a district having been mostly rebuilt atop craters, some of which now act as lakes. Valuable minerals lie in the deposits, and have given rise to a new mining industry.