The District of

Old King Peninsula

Elected Senator: pvppoodles

Population: 19

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The Old King Peninsula was once ruled by a powerful king related to the current president. This land has deep history, including the formation of the idea of the United Federations, the original Federation of K, and a war over a bridge that shifted the entire government of Vooperia from an early monarchy to the current republic.

Littered with swords, shields, and medieval equipment, the Old King Peninsula is home to ransacked castles and rolling hills. The coasts drop into steep cliffs, and mountains pierce into the sky. Once containing the current-day Netherlands district, the district split due to cultural differences and now enjoys warm trade relations between the halves.

Home to the Obsidian King statue, reaching far into the sky, the Old King Peninsula is one of the most religious districts in the country. Churches are scattered throughout towns, and most likely whomever you run across will believe in at least one of the Seven Gods of Vooperism, or one of the classic religions from Earth.