The District of

New Yam

Elected Senator: None!

Population: 25

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New Yam began as a small district within New Vooper, but as with the other districts within the city, it grew uncontrollably until it reached the coast.

New Yam is unique in its government style, and while it is represented by a Senator, Xbomber is still recognized as a sort of Governor and caretaker after the Yam Civil War. It has been long since the war, but security in the district is still high, and the citizens are disproportionately Yam compared to the rest of the country.

After reintegration efforts, the Yam people have proven to be a valuable asset to Vooperia. Hard working, the district is home to what would be considered a megacity of Earth. Massive corporate headquarters and residential blocks span the region, where it's never truly quiet or dark under the weight of the local populace.

Visitors are often shocked by UFO-shaped police drones which were used during the civil war, and, due to public request, were kept in the active duty.