The District of

New Vooperis

Elected Senator: None!

Population: 21

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Known primarily for its messy handling of the Old Yam Rebellion, New Vooperis has recently suffered multiple blows to its reputation and economy, which have been recovering with new waves of residents. When New Vooperis "tactically" struck Old Yam in defense, the Federal Vooperian Government immediately intervened, splitting New Vooperis, once spanning multiple continents, back onto their small island, much to the applause of civil rights groups, and politicians wishing to capitalize on the new Senate seats.

New Vooperis suffered major flooding after the strike pushed the ocean's top layers of water at considerable speeds, and lowered the elevation of the entire continent by measurable amounts by compressing the light surface downwards.

New Vooperis now stands as a densely populated city with a hefty expense sheet due to flood prevention, and a thriving mining industry due to meteoric minerals deposited around the city. Mineral rights have been a battle between Old Yam and New Vooperis, and each new Senator manages to inflate the argument even more.