The District of

New Spudland

Elected Senator: None!

Population: 6

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Known as "Warmer Voopmont", the New Spudland district was carved out of Landing Cove as it was deemed to not be a swamp, but instead a valuable plot of land for residential use. This loss of land has caused tension between the regions, but country-wide was seen as a good move.

Voopmont's land shortage, caused by abundant low-density housing, was eased by the additional land, and allowed the nuclear-family style living to continue to rise. New Spudland is conveniantly close to the Vooperia City district for work, but is landlocked and lacks any direct access to sea shipping lanes.

New Spudland was named after the discovery that Earth-imported potatos grew well in the soft, potassium-rich soil. Where Voopmont uses a fishing rod, New Spudland prefers the plow. With a four-season cycle similar to areas on Earth, Spudland provides much-needed climate diversity for a host of plants. Agricultural scientists and farmers flock to the region to take advantage of the cheap and boundless lands.