The District of

Los Vooperis

Elected Senator: DJZ

Population: 30

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Los Vooperis is fondly known as one of the early districts in Vooperia, having been settled for its easy access to water, shipping lanes, and potential for fishing. Under the surface, massive oil reserves promise riches for those daring enough to dig.

The district today contains not a single building from its creation. Decades after founding, a Tsunami wiped out the entire archipelago, causing chaos and panic across Vooperia. The region served as a massive hub for sewage treatment, and the disaster affected the homes of every Vooperian, which was unpleasant for all.

In quick response to the incoming Tsunami, the government quickly hatched a plan to reverse the pipe flow for the flood system, turning it into a massive vacuum. Although it did manage to save the Isles further away, and possibly even New Vooperis and Old Yam, the stunt backed up the plumbing for the entire country, leading to exploding toilets and sinks nationwide.

Since then, Los Vooperis has managed to rebuild and expand to ne heights, having had federal aid and perseverance from its people.