The District of


Elected Senator: None!

Population: 30

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The Corgi district grew in a sort of rebellious phenomenon. After being plagued by complaints of a lack of creativity in the design of surrounding areas of New Vooperis, the district was created in retaliation - several avenues and roads shaped like a Corgi.

New Vooperis grew quickly, and it was too late to tear down what was made. Rather than building around the Corgi district, future city planners continued the joke and created more, varied Corgi-shaped areas that connected to one another via tunnels. When the Corgi district requested to split from New Vooperis at the same time as New Yam and Vooperia City to create three seperate entities, the current Senator joked "You can just throw a ball in the other direction."

Citizens of the Corgi district are statistically seven hundred times more likely to own a dog, whether home-bred or imported from Earth. The chances of owning a Corgi are astronomical.

A populace of kind, fit, and animal-loving Vooperians, the Corgi district tends to vote against conflict and towards social safety nets and education. Children growing in the Corgi district are known to be at a lower risk of depression, as an emotional support Corgi is never too far away.